«Full story pair course! 4000 yen for 2 people» With one drink!

2000 yen

The above price will be the price by 1 person.We accept reservations for 2 people for 4000 yen.

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From popular okonomiyaki, direct delivery place! Fresh vegetable grill etc ... Content of great fulfillment ♪ Please enjoy the delicious taste of Kansai people

Course menu

◆ 1 cup per person drink (draft beer is also OK)

◆ potato salad

◆ chicken and white onions shattered soy sauce

◆ Pork wrapping

◆ MIX fried noodles

◆ Mochi Cheese Bowl

◆ Dessert ice

(Vanilla or azuki or yuzu sherbet)

2017/06/27 update